for health and fitness we are in your corner

Founded in 2005 in West Palm Beach FL. Now we are located in Muskogee OK.

We are a Gym for the whole family with focus on Health and Fitness, the core of our classes is designed after the Motto

"Get Fit without getting Hit". 

A traditional Martial Arts Program with monthly testing is offered for children ages 8-12 from Mondays through Thursdays

"Respect Discipline and Confidence"

We are fully registered and certified with the Worlds leading Organizations like USA Boxing and USMF

"Ring Sports are Our Passion"

Membership Rates

Month to Month with EFT $50

Month to Month Cash $65

​Single Class $7

​3 Month PIF $180​

6 Month PIF $330​

13 Month PIF $600

*EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer

​*PIF - Paid in Full


Boxing Gym